“The fundamental job of a toddler is to rule the universe”.   Lawrence Kutner
Toddlers are such cool little people!   They love the world!  They can’t get enough of it!  They are developing in leaps and bounds and exploring their universe without any fear.  

At Grow-in-Kids we understand the Toddler’s curiosity; we also understand their complete lack of fear.  With that in mind we try to provide experiences that will allow for their normal curiosity, and keep them safe at the same time.

Floor time

Again when you enter our Toddler room you will find our Caregiver on the floor playing with the children.  It is by staying close we ensures the children’s safety and provides for their curiosity.  This closest also helps us encourage verbal skill by talking and being talked too.  The children also feel secure with their caregiver so close by.   
We’ll work on puzzles, play with play dough, dress the baby dolls and when we do these things we’ll be refining our fine motor skills.
If we are not in our room you might find us in the big room.  We’ll be climbing on the climbers, kicking balls, or riding the riding toys.  These gross motor skills are so important in the children’s development.  

We understand that a crying toddler is a frustrated toddler.  When they become frustrated we offer assistance, we encourage them to ask for help if necessary.  We are continually reinforcing their verbal skills by talking all the time.   Toddlers are a “do it yourself kind of people”.  We let them have the ability to try in all circumstances.  Through these things we try to alleviate their frustration.
Toddlers will have breakfast, lunch and snack in the afternoon.  We understand how important water is to the body and try to encourage drinking water whenever possible.  The children will be offered water throughout the day.    

Diapers and potty learning
Diapers in your Toddler room are checked hourly.  The toddlers are taken to the bathroom throughout the day.  We encourage our little ones to sit on the potty and try out.  This is beginning of potty learning.  Most times the children are completely “learned” before they move into our preschool program.

The children rest after lunch.  Each child has their own cot.  We ask that you provide a sheet, blanket and pillow.

We’ll talk and sing all the time so that the children will develop verbal and social skills.  Treating the children with respect when we talk to them, using please and thank you, asking for help, talking nicely to friends is how we will help your toddler to grow.