School Age


Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.  ~John Dewey

At Grow-in-Kids we understand that school can sometimes be stressful.  We try to provide an environment that allows the children to wind down after school.  We offer the children a healthy snack, then depending on the parent’s wishes, the children can choose to free play or do homework.  We provide home work support and encouragement.

For those children enrolled with us on a full or part time basis we provide care for school vacations and faculty and emergency closing for both full and half days.

Erik Erickson a famous child psychologist said that children learn how to live through game and imaginary play.  At Grow-in-Kids we provide for both.
Our summer camp program is full of enriching experiences.  We operate with project based principle and the children are self lead and decide the direction that their interests are in.  Every attempt is made to help the child succeed in their investigations.  We go on outings, exploring nature, sporting events, amusement parks and community events.