I knew when I met you an adventure was going to happen...
-- A.A. Milne

Oh the adventure you’ll find in our preschool room.   On any one day you might find the children flying off to another country in a cardboard box, or the next day crossing the ocean of our sand and water table.      

“Make-believe play in the preschool years is vital for the acquisition of social and cognitive competence” (Vygotsky (1930) a famous child psychologist).   

It is with that in mind that we play in our preschool room.   Preschoolers learn without any effort.  It is such great fun to have them recite back two days later what they learned as you were talking.   It is simply amazing what these children can absorb.

Reading is important in all of our rooms.  In our preschool room we encourage the children to read to us.  This is such a great beginning to literacy skills. 

The preschoolers have breakfast, lunch and snack in the afternoon.   The preschoolers are also encouraged to drink water throughout the day “to keep their bodies healthy”.


Each preschooler has his or her own cot.  Please send in a sheet, blanket and pillow.

Our plan for this room is to encourage the children, to develop a strong self-esteem and a self assurance that will provide a positive beginning to their school careers.    When children go to school believing in themselves they are not afraid to ask questions and to look for answers.    It is our job to help your child be a “problem solver”.   We will mix just the right amount of structure with “play” to allow for the freedom of expression and preparedness for school.